The AI dubbing tool provides opportunity to translate and dub your video.

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Rask.ai Features Rask AI is a powerful localization tool designed to facilitate the translation of videos into multiple languages for content creators and companies. With Rask AI, users can effectively break down language barriers and expand the reach of their content to a global audience. Key Features: Text-to-Voice: Generate professional-quality voiceovers for videos without the need for recording or hiring voice actors. Voice Cloning: Maintain your own voice or replicate the tone of a specific voiceover when dubbing videos. Multispeaker Detection and Translation: Accurately detect and translate dialogues involving multiple speakers. Integration with Video Platforms and Social Media Sites: Fully integrated with popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 60+ Language Support: Translate videos into over 60 languages, expanding content accessibility and reach. Use Cases: Content creators and YouTubers looking to translate their videos and reach a global audience. Companies aiming to localize their marketing videos and promotional content for different target markets. Social media influencers wanting to expand their audience base by providing translated versions of their video content. Film and media production companies seeking to distribute their films or documentaries in multiple languages. Rask AI is a comprehensive localization tool that empowers content creators and companies to effectively translate their videos into multiple languages.