Quickbot AI

Instantly build openai chatbot for customer support

Access to Quickbot AI (Paid)

Quickbot AI Features Quickbot AI is a web-based tool that enables users to build customer support chatbots using OpenAI’s technology, providing a fast and easy way to create powerful chatbots without any coding knowledge required. Key features and advantages include: Full source code: We provide full source code which you can deploy on your cloud hosting. Easy and simple: We made this tool simple so everyone can easily use it. One time payment: You will have complete control over your data and your users. Bot personality: Quickbotai allows you to train your bot personality like you can assign a name, you can write rules for the chatbot and all the rules will be in simple English language. Quickbotai for E-commerce: Quickbotai can work very well with E-commerce customer support. Chat-widget customization: Quickbotai allows you to completely customize your chat-widget with no branding. Instant setup: Simple and effortless process with four easy steps: deploy code on VPS, upload files and OpenAI key, train and test the bot, and deploy on the website. Quickbot AI is a trusted solution for businesses looking to improve their customer support services with the help of chatbots.