User-friendly Visual Programming tool to Explore OpenAI API workflows

Access to PromptSandbox (Free)

PromptSandbox Features Think of it as a digital playground where you can experiment with building blocks called “nodes” to create amazing projects with OpenAI. Key Features: Interactive Canvas: A visually engaging interface for constructing and exploring OpenAI API workflows. Variety of Node Types: GPT, Helper, and File Nodes for various functions and tasks. Customizable Workflows: Connect and arrange nodes to create tailored workflows that suit your needs. Easy-to-Use Interface: User-friendly design that requires no coding experience. Support for Multiple File Formats: Currently supports txt files, with upcoming support for pdf, markdown, html, and docx. Ongoing Development: Regular updates and improvements to the tool’s features and functionality. Use Cases: Rapid Prototyping: Experiment with different OpenAI API workflows to quickly test and validate ideas. Educational Tool: Learn about OpenAI API features and functionalities in a hands-on and interactive manner. Content Generation: Leverage GPT nodes to create custom content for various applications.