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Post Forge Features This tool allows you to select a public Instagram account, gather all account information and posts, and choose three posts that best represent the selected profile. The AI then extracts the context of the posts and generates five suggested posts, complete with titles, captions, calls to action, and images. Key Features: Public Instagram account analysis: Access information and posts from any public Instagram account. Context-driven content generation: AI uses the context of selected posts to create relevant suggestions. Comprehensive post suggestions: Receive titles, captions, calls to action, and images for each suggested post. Boost your social media presence: Create engaging content tailored to your chosen Instagram profile. Use Cases: • Enhance your social media strategy by analyzing successful public Instagram accounts. • Generate fresh, engaging content ideas for your own Instagram profile. • Save time on content creation and ideation with AI-generated suggestions. • Study and emulate the posting strategies of popular Instagram accounts. Upgrade your social media game by generating captivating content with AI, based on the context and style of successful public Instagram accounts.