PMcardio is a medical device that assists doctors in diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases

Access to PMcardio (Freemium)

PMcardio Features PMcardio is an advanced medical device powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that significantly enhances the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. As a certified class IIb medical device, it utilizes image recognition technology to digitize and reconstruct 12-lead ECGs, providing accurate and comprehensive insights to healthcare professionals. Key Features: Image Recognition Technology: Digitize and reconstruct 12-lead ECGs for accurate diagnosis. Diagnose 38 Cardiovascular Diseases: Accurately identify and diagnose various cardiovascular conditions. Treatment Recommendations: Provide treatment recommendations based on patient parameters and clinical practice guidelines. Detailed ECG Diagnostic Reports: Create comprehensive reports by entering patient parameters and answering clinical questions. Collaboration and Consultation: Share reports with colleagues and consult within the app for enhanced patient management. Export Functionality: Export reports for further analysis or archiving purposes. Exceptional Performance: Demonstrated improvement in arrhythmia and heart attack detection, as well as diagnostic precision. Use Cases: Cardiovascular Disease Diagnosis: Accurately diagnose various cardiovascular conditions using digitized ECGs. Treatment Recommendation: Receive treatment recommendations based on clinical practice guidelines and patient parameters. Collaboration and Consultation: Share ECG reports with colleagues for collaborative decision-making and consultation. Remote Diagnosis: Facilitate remote diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases using AI-powered ECG analysis. Healthcare Efficiency: Improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficiency to enhance patient care. PMcardio revolutionizes cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment by leveraging AI-powered image recognition technology. With its accurate diagnoses, treatment recommendations, and collaboration features, PMcardio empowers healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional care and improve patient outcomes.