AI Resources for Customer Support

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Playbooks Features Playbooks by Twig is a curated collection of AI resources and playbooks specifically designed for customer support leaders and individual contributors. It offers a range of materials such as white papers, vendor evaluation matrices, support community Slack threads, and ROI & analytics insights for AI-based solutions. Key Features: Curated White Papers: In-depth analysis, research findings, and best practices on AI in customer support. Vendor Evaluation Matrices: Structured frameworks for evaluating AI vendors and solutions. Support Community Slack Threads: Engagement and collaboration with a community of customer support professionals. ROI and Analytics Insights: Guidance on measuring the effectiveness and impact of AI solutions in customer support. Use Cases: Customer support leaders seeking AI resources and insights to enhance their support operations. Individual contributors (support reps) looking for guidance and best practices related to AI in customer support. Organizations evaluating AI vendors and solutions for their customer support needs. Professionals interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends and research in AI for customer support. Whether it’s understanding the latest research, evaluating vendors, engaging with the community, or measuring the ROI of AI solutions, Playbooks by Twig offers a wealth of information and guidance to support customer support leaders and individual contributors in their roles.