AI-based meeting notes tool that simplifies the process of capturing clear, concise, and actionable meeting notes.

Access to (Freemium) Features Paxo is an advanced AI-based meeting notes tool designed to streamline the process of taking comprehensive and actionable notes during in-person conversations. Available as an app that can be used on any device, Paxo revolutionizes the way meeting notes are captured. Key Features: Cutting-edge voice identification: Accurately identifies speakers for future reference in recordings. Privacy-focused: Stores recordings on users’ devices and deletes them after processing. Import and export: Enables easy transfer of notes and recordings for data portability. Seamless synchronization: Syncs recordings across devices via iCloud for effortless organization, search, and sharing. Use Cases: Efficient meeting note-taking: Capture clear and concise meeting notes in real-time, ensuring nothing gets missed. Versatile applications: Suitable for various fields, including research, journalism, user interviews, and startup meetings. Enhanced organization and collaboration: Easily organize, search, and share meeting notes and recordings with team members. Download Paxo today and experience the convenience of never missing a word during meetings again.