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Nichely Features Nichely is an AI-powered topic and keyword research tool that helps you create topic clusters and build your topical authority. The tool is designed with three main features at this stage: Topic Discovery, Topic Research, and Keyword Research. Users can explore any topic and drill down to discover subtopics to build a broad and detailed topical cluster. At any level, you are able to generate overviews, glossary items, and FAQs that will help you build your content, find relevant long-tail keywords Topic Discovery Nichely’s AI-powered topic discovery tools will help you uncover endless topics within any niche. Drill into any topic to find relevant subtopics Discover subtopics only experts know. Find untapped opportunities. Topic Research Nichely’s AI-powered topic research tools will empower you to dive deep into each and every topic. Topic overviews and detailed descriptions Domain-specific terminology definitions Frequently asked questions Keyword Research Nichely has deep context about each topic and uses cutting-edge AI to generate genuinely relevant keywords. Discover genuinely relevant long-tail keywords. Get volume and competition data Analyse SERPs (coming soon)