Initiate Fednow, Wire & Zelle Payments within your website

Access to Myuser (Contact for Pricing)

Myuser Features Myuser is a payment solution that offers fast updates on payment status and enables fast/instant payouts. With Myuser, you can eliminate the risk of ACH returns and enjoy unlimited volume cap approval without any middleman involvement. It provides a seamless and secure alternative to ACH and 3D Secure card payments. Key Features: Fast Payment Updates: Receive real-time updates on payment status. Fast/Instant Payouts: Enjoy fast and instant payouts. Unlimited Volume Cap Approval: Process payments without volume limitations. Eliminate ACH Returns: Minimize the risk of ACH returns. Superior to ACH: Overcome delays, approvals, and dispute management associated with ACH. Replace 3D Secure: Use Myuser’s 3DS modal to avoid premium interchange fees and improve the payment experience. Use Cases: Businesses seeking fast and reliable payment processing. Organizations that want to eliminate the risk of ACH returns. Enterprises looking for unlimited volume cap approval. Merchants seeking an alternative to costly 3D Secure card payments. Myuser provides a seamless and efficient payment solution that delivers fast updates, instant payouts, and a secure payment experience.