Workflow automation platform for revenue teams.

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Momentum Features Momentum’s AI Summaries for Every Sales and Customer Call is an AI-powered tool that automates CRM data conversion from calls. Key features and advantages include: AI-powered call summaries: Automatically capture important information from calls and sync it to Salesforce Time-saving: Allows sales managers to review calls quickly and identify potential risks Seamless integration: Works with tools like Slack and Asana for efficient task management Open AI-powered insights: Provides instant visibility and actionable insights for all calls Smart connectivity: Suggests CRM updates based on call details Use cases for Momentum’s AI Summaries are ideal for sales and customer success teams: Sales managers looking to save time and identify risks through call summaries Customer success teams aiming to keep CRM data updated with accurate call information Revenue operations professionals seeking insights and efficiency in their call management process Overall, Momentum offers a powerful solution for managing call data, identifying risks, and streamlining sales team workflows.