Simple motion capture for digital character animation.

Access to Modif (Free)

Modif Features With MODIF, you can effortlessly create dynamic and impressive digital content on demand. Key Features: Motion capture technology: Extract your motion from videos and apply it to digital characters. Simplified animation process: Easily animate your character with just one camera shot. Generative AI styles: Enjoy various styles ranging from K-Pop to Animation styles. SDK integration: Available as an SDK for use in industries like healthcare, metaverse, and social media. Use Cases: • Create dynamic and engaging digital content by applying real-life movements to digital characters. • Simplify the animation process and bring your characters to life with ease. • Explore various styles and customize the look of your digital content. • Integrate motion into your platform using the MODIF SDK across different industries. Experience the power of MODIF, the AI motion capture tool that bridges the gap between real-life motion and digital characters.