Docs and on-the-go comms personalization assistant.

Access to MobileGPT (Paid)

MobileGPT Features MobileGPT is an AI-powered personal assistant that integrates with WhatsApp to provide seamless communication, image and document creation on-the-go. It utilizes OpenAI’s ChatGPT to enable users to interact with a virtual assistant through natural language processing. Key Features: WhatsApp Integration: Seamlessly communicate with the AI assistant through WhatsApp. Document Creation: Generate a wide range of documents with accurate English, proper pronunciation, grammar, and structure. On-the-Go Access: Create images, documents, and communicate with the AI assistant anytime, anywhere. Instant Document Delivery: Receive AI-generated documents in DOCX format for easy editing and customization. Subscription-based Pricing: Flexible pricing model starting at $20/month, providing unlimited chat and document creation. Positive User Reviews: Trusted and appreciated by students, small business owners, and various users. Use Cases: Users who want to communicate with an AI assistant through WhatsApp for various purposes. Individuals who require AI-generated documents, such as blog posts, business plans, resumes, and letters. Users who need on-the-go access to document creation and communication capabilities. Students seeking assistance with assignments, reports, and creative writing. Small business owners who want to streamline document creation processes. Mobile users who value the convenience and advanced capabilities of AI-powered assistants. MobileGPT empowers users to harness the power of AI technology through a seamless integration with WhatsApp.