Milo is a SMS copilot tool that helps parents manage and organize the daily details of family life in a reliable, affordable, and personalized way

Access to Milo (Paid)

Milo Features Milo is a game-changing AI-powered SMS copilot designed to be every parent’s reliable and affordable companion in managing the complexities of family life. This innovative tool leverages cutting-edge AI technology, including the powerful GPT-4 model provided by OpenAI, combined with human empathy and software efficiency to create a personalized experience for parents. Key Features: AI-Powered SMS Copilot: Leverage AI technology to manage and organize family details through text messages. Summarization and Categorization: Milo processes information from texts, voice, images, and more to provide concise and categorized updates and reminders. Event Invitations and Reminders: Automatically create and send work calendar invites or SMS reminders to keep everyone informed. Human Empathy and Personalization: Milo offers a personalized experience to cater to individual family needs. Affordable Monthly Subscription: Access Milo’s powerful features at an affordable price. Use Cases: Family Organization: Manage school events, activities schedules, appointments, and more effortlessly. Real-Time Reminders: Receive timely reminders for important family events and tasks. Seamless Integration: Connect Milo with existing family calendars, spreadsheets, and whiteboards for enhanced organization. Milo is currently in the beta testing phase, and parents have the opportunity to experience the benefits of this advanced SMS copilot at an affordable monthly subscription. As development continues, Milo aims to be the go-to tool for parents looking for a reliable and personalized solution to manage and organize their family’s daily details.