Automatic, AI-generated interview notes

Access to Metaview (Freemium)

Metaview Features Metaview is an advanced AI tool specifically designed for recruiters and interviewers to streamline the interview process. By automating note-taking, Metaview generates accurate and concise summaries of candidate conversations and answers, allowing recruiters to focus more on the essential aspects of the interaction. Key Features: Automated Note-Taking: AI-powered tool that generates accurate and concise summaries of candidate conversations and answers. Integration and Compatibility: Seamlessly syncs with existing tools and video conferencing platforms. Customizable Templates: Design personalized note-taking templates to suit individual preferences and requirements. Data Privacy Compliance: Built to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Continuous Learning: AI technology learns from user feedback and data inputs to improve note-taking accuracy over time. Use Cases: Recruiters and hiring managers seeking an efficient and automated note-taking solution for interviews. Interviewers looking to focus more on candidate interactions rather than extensive note-taking. HR professionals aiming to streamline the interview process and improve post-interview evaluations. Companies and organizations that prioritize data privacy and compliance. Teams conducting remote or virtual interviews, leveraging video conferencing platforms. Metaview empowers recruiters and interviewers by automating note-taking, providing them with valuable time savings and accurate interview summaries.