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Maskr.AI Features Maskr.AI is an AI-generated photography tool that enables users to create unique selfies with celebrities. Key features and advantages include: Instant transformation: Overlay a celebrity’s face on user photos within seconds Free and accessible: No downloads or installations required, making it user-friendly Variety of celebrities: Choose from numerous famous faces, such as Elon Musk, Lionel Messi, and Paris Hilton Shareable content: Easily share generated photos on social media platforms for engaging content Use cases for Maskr.AI cater to various individuals: Social media enthusiasts looking to create fun and engaging content with celebrity overlays Photography hobbyists seeking an easy-to-use tool for unique selfie transformations Users of all technical abilities wanting a simple and accessible way to experiment with AI-generated photography Overall, Maskr.AI offers an exciting and user-friendly solution for creating unique selfies featuring favorite celebrities.