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Magical Features Magical AI brings the power of artificial intelligence built into your calendar, meetings, and daily workflows. Magical AI is a humanly intelligent calendar that can help you take notes, follow up, analyze tasks, remember stuff, and more. Key Features : ️Automatically record, summarize, and write your meeting notes in 32 languages. Access your calendar and meeting notes on any website with ⌘+E. Get prepared effortlessly using ChatGPT-4 built into your calendar and meetings. Seamlessly sync and intelligently organize all your meetings notes directly into Notion, ClickUp and more. Create beautiful scheduling links using artificial intelligence. Instantly join to your next meeting. Ask Magical AI anything you’ve said or heard in your calendar events. Use cases for Magical cater to various professionals: Busy professionals seeking a streamlined solution for managing meetings and agendas Team leads aiming to improve meeting coordination and efficiency Individuals looking to simplify their scheduling process and regain control over their time Experience the future of time-management with the fastest and easiest calendaring experience.