Magic Copy

Extract foreground objects from images with ease using a Chrome extension

Access to Magic Copy (Free)

Magic Copy Features Magic Copy is a Chrome extension that leverages Meta’s Segment Anything Model to effortlessly extract foreground objects from images and copy them to your clipboard. Key Features: Chrome extension: Simple and easy integration with your Chrome browser. Foreground object extraction: Utilizes Meta’s Segment Anything Model for precise extraction. Copy to clipboard: Quickly copy the extracted foreground objects for immediate use. Utilizes the same service as Meta’s demo: Ensures consistent performance and results. Use Cases: • Graphic designers looking to extract foreground objects from images quickly. • Content creators seeking to enhance their visuals with extracted objects. • Individuals who want a convenient and easy-to-use tool for image manipulation. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Magic Copy to effortlessly extract foreground objects from images and improve your creative projects. Please be aware of potential privacy concerns when sending images to a third party for processing.