Clean, transform and analyze spreadsheets at lightspeed with AI

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Luminal Features Luminal gives you the superpowers of a professional data analyst with none of the complexity. Key features and advantages include: Key Features: Fast processing: Luminal can process large datasets quickly and efficiently. End-to-end solution: Luminal supports everything from cleaning, analysis, and visualization if Python supports it. Large file handling: Luminal can manage messy spreadsheets with up to 1 million rows. Data security: Data encryption during transit and at rest, no data persistence, and secure hosting. API integration: Integrate Luminal into your product and let customers interface with their data using natural language. Use Cases: Data analysts: Streamline data cleaning, analysis, and visualization. Teams: Reduce time spent on data wrangling and improve efficiency. Organizations: Integrate AI into products without spending months on in-house development. Luminal is the ideal tool for professionals who need a fast, secure, and efficient way to clean, transform, and analyze large spreadsheets, with the added benefit of AI-driven features and seamless API integration.