Customizable intelligent agents created and deployed.

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Liveform Features Streamline processes and enhance user experience with Liveform, an AI tool that enables users to create and deploy intelligent agents for various purposes. Key Features: User-Friendly Platform: Liveform offers an easy-to-use platform, allowing non-technical users to create intelligent agents tailored to their specific needs. Quick Deployment: Users can deploy their intelligent agents swiftly and effortlessly, thanks to Liveform’s user-friendly interface. Customizable Agents: Intelligent agents created using Liveform are highly customizable, adapting to specific requirements. Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning: Liveform’s intelligent agents utilize NLP and ML algorithms to understand user inputs and deliver relevant outputs. Versatile Platform: Agents created with Liveform can be utilized across multiple platforms, including chatbots, email, and web forms. Use Cases: • Streamline candidate screening, lead qualification, user interviews, and student assessments. • Empower non-technical users such as support representatives and tutors to create their own intelligent agents. • Enhance user experience and streamline processes using intelligent agents across various platforms. Liveform prioritizes user privacy with a dedicated privacy policy and ensures an effective website experience through the use of cookies.