AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution

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LensAi Features LensAI is an AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution that offers efficient monetization of web traffic. Key features and advantages include: Contextual targeting: Identifies objects, logos, actions, and context within visual content for highly relevant and less intrusive ads Benefits all stakeholders: Enhances ad experiences for publishers, advertisers, and users by catering to the browsing context Unoccupied ad spaces: Provides publishers with in-image and in-video spaces for maximum user attention Privacy-focused: Targets audiences based on content interest without requiring third-party cookies or eroding user trust Use cases for LensAI are ideal for various stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem: Publishers: Monetize web traffic through relevant in-image and in-video ads Advertisers: Reach relevant audiences effectively and ethically using contextual targeting Users: Enjoy a personalized and privacy-focused ad experience while browsing Overall, LensAI is part of the future of contextual advertising, prioritizing user privacy and creating a seamless ad experience.