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Lekhak.ai Features With over 90+ writing tools and templates, it offers a wide range of content options, including ad copies, product descriptions, long-form blogs, social media posts, and emails, all optimized for conversions and engagement. Key Features: AI-powered content generation: Leverage a robust AI language model to generate unique and engaging content. Variety of writing tools and templates: Access over 90+ tools and templates optimized for conversions and engagement. Customization and polishing options: Choose the best content piece and refine it to meet specific requirements. Grammar checker: Ensure high-quality content with an inbuilt grammar checker. Use Cases: Freelancers looking to enhance their content output while maintaining quality. Marketing teams and advertising agencies seeking to streamline their content creation process. Content creators in need of creative and engaging content for various platforms. With Lekhak.ai, users can transform their content creation process, boost productivity, and deliver compelling content that resonates with their audience.