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Access to LeiaPix (Free)

LeiaPix Features LeiaPix Converter is a free image processing tool that allows users to convert 2D images into stunning 3D Lightfield images. It offers export options for Leia Image Format, Side-By-Side 3D, Depth Maps, and Lightfield Animations. A LeiaLogin account is required to access LeiaPix Converter. Key Features: 2D to 3D Conversion: Convert regular 2D images into immersive 3D Lightfield images. Export Options: Export conversions in Leia Image Format, Side-By-Side 3D, Depth Maps, or Lightfield Animations. Seamless Conversion Process: Instantly convert images without complex setups or lengthy processing times. LeiaLogin Account: Access LeiaPix Converter by creating a LeiaLogin account for secure and personalized usage. Use Cases: Photographers and visual artists looking to add depth and interactivity to their images. Content creators and designers seeking to enhance their presentations and visual materials with captivating 3D effects. Individuals interested in exploring the possibilities of 3D Lightfield technology for personal or artistic projects. Professionals in advertising, marketing, and e-commerce aiming to create more engaging and interactive visual content. LeiaPix Converter opens up new creative possibilities by enabling the conversion of 2D images into stunning 3D Lightfield representations.