Personalised syllabus creation based on user preferences.

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LearnPlan Features LearnPlan is an innovative AI-powered web application designed to generate personalised syllabuses for users, tailoring daily study schedules according to individual preferences and commitments. Key features: AI-driven personalisation: LearnPlan utilises artificial intelligence to customise syllabuses based on users’ learning preferences. Daily study schedule: The tool generates a daily study plan tailored to users’ preferred topics, time availability, and commitment. Curated learning sources: LearnPlan provides links to top-quality learning resources, ensuring users have access to the best educational content. Time management: The application helps users optimise their learning by efficiently allocating their available time. Progress tracking: LearnPlan allows users to monitor their progress and adjust their study plans accordingly. Use Cases: A busy professional seeking to learn a new skill within a specific timeframe. A student looking to balance multiple subjects and optimise their study routine. An individual aiming to develop a new hobby or interest with a structured learning approach. A teacher or tutor seeking to provide personalised study plans for their students. A lifelong learner wanting to efficiently explore new topics and expand their knowledge.