Latitude is a cutting-edge data exploration and collaboration tool that empowers teams to become data-driven in a matter of minutes

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Latitude Features Latitude is the ultimate AI-powered data exploration and collaboration tool designed to help teams harness the power of data quickly and efficiently. With Latitude, teams can transform into data-driven entities in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for prolonged onboarding or training. Key Features: AI SQL Assistant: Assist users in crafting SQL queries with speed and accuracy. Visual Programming: Empower users with an infinite canvas for data transformation. Data Visualization: Provide a diverse range of charts and tables for effective data presentation. Interactive Views Sharing: Easily share interactive data views with team members. Tight Integration with dbt: Bring models and metrics to the last mile of data analysis. Real-Time Collaboration: Facilitate team collaboration and data exploration in real-time. AI Assistant for SQL Writing: Employ AI assistance for faster SQL writing. Use Cases: Data-Driven Decision-Making: Empower teams to make informed decisions with data insights. Efficient Data Exploration: Streamline data exploration with AI SQL assistance and visual programming. Data Visualization and Sharing: Effectively present data and share interactive views within the team. Data Transformation with dbt: Integrate data transformation using the dbt framework for enhanced data analysis. Real-Time Collaboration: Promote collaborative work environments with real-time collaboration features. Latitude is the ultimate data exploration and collaboration tool, powered by AI and designed to help teams make data-driven decisions quickly and effectively. With its AI SQL Assistant, visual programming, data visualization capabilities, dbt integration, and real-time collaboration features, Latitude empowers teams to unlock the full potential of their data and drive success in their endeavors.