Automated low-code CX for customer service.

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Kodif Features Kodif is a low-code CX platform that empowers non-technical teams to build customer experience flows, automate customer support with AI capabilities, and optimize customer service processes. Key Features: Low-Code CX Platform: Enables non-technical teams to build powerful customer experience flows without coding. AI-Powered Automation: Leverages GPT-4 and ChatGPT AI capabilities for customer support automation. AI Agent Assistant: Provides an AI-powered assistant to support agents in delivering consistent and error-free customer service. Guided Workflows: Offers guided workflows to help agents prioritize and resolve customer issues efficiently. Self-Service Options: Enables customers to access self-service options for quicker issue resolution. Specific Use Cases: Supports specific use cases such as Refund, WISMO, Proactive Outreach, Subscription Management, and Risk & Fraud Prevention. Data Security: Implements stringent data security measures, including HIPAA compliance and AICPA SOC certification. Case Studies: Provides real-world case studies showcasing successful implementations with various companies. Demo and Contact Options: Offers the ability to book a demo and provides contact information for further inquiries. Use Cases: Businesses with non-technical teams seeking to build powerful customer experience flows. Customer support teams aiming to automate processes and improve efficiency. Organizations looking to reduce onboarding time, handle time, and increase customer satisfaction. Companies in need of specific use cases like Refund management, WISMO, Proactive Outreach, Subscription Management, and Risk & Fraud Prevention. Kodif is an advanced low-code CX platform that harnesses the power of AI to empower non-technical teams in building efficient customer experience flows.