Engage in live interactions with ChatGPT using KITT, a versatile AI communication tool

Access to Kitt (Free Trial)

Kitt Features Kitt is adaptable to numerous applications, including video conferencing, live streaming, robotics, and metaverse, presenting a comprehensive solution for diverse industries. Key Features: Live Conversations with ChatGPT: Engage in real-time interactions with ChatGPT through WebRTC. Versatile Use Cases: Leverage KITT for video conferencing, live streaming, robotics, and metaverse applications. Cloud Deployment: Enjoy the flexibility of deploying KITT in the cloud. Comprehensive Developer Resources: Access SDKs, documentation, and security information on the LiveKit website. Monitoring Capabilities: Monitor the status of connections through the cloud dashboard. Community Support: Get assistance via the community Slack channel and LiveKit’s GitHub repository. Sample App and Demo: Try out KITT’s features using the provided sample app and demo. Use Cases: • Facilitate live, interactive conversations during video conferencing sessions. • Enhance live streaming experiences with real-time ChatGPT interactions. • Incorporate KITT into robotics applications for dynamic communication capabilities. • Leverage KITT’s functionality in metaverse environments for immersive interactions. Kitt stands as a powerful, user-friendly tool that brings real-time, AI-enhanced communication to the fore.