Create personalized experiences without coding

Access to Kili (Paid)

Kili Features Kili is a personalized AI assistant designed for users to create AI assistants without coding or technical skills. Key features and advantages include: Easy AI assistant creation: Utilizes data sources and setups to guide the assistant’s responses Personalized experiences: Tailor experiences for audiences and customers, saving time and money Flexible plans: Ranging from a starter plan with a 20,000-word limit to an enterprise plan with a 100,000+ word limit Use cases for Kili cater to various needs: Business owners seeking to create AI assistants for customer support without technical expertise Content creators looking to enhance audience engagement with personalized AI interactions Marketing professionals aiming to improve customer experiences using AI technology With Kili, users can train the AI assistant on specific content and answer questions using that content as a reference point, providing a tailored solution for various applications.