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Jua AI Features A new paradigm in weather forecasting. Introducing The Jua Model, an end-to-end AI-powered global weather model with prediction accuracy beyond imagination. Jua introduces a completely new way to model the Earth’s atmosphere and predict the weather with high accuracy and precision. They use proprietary AI technology and millions of new data sources to operate a high-performing, full-scale weather model. Leveraging the power of AI: The Jua model doesn’t use modelings such as the GFS or IFS. It is not a post-processed model but it is a 100% AI-powered weather model that leverages primary data sources. Multiple Use Cases: The Jua model is popular for hundreds of use cases in different industries – all the way from weather forecasting to enterprise-scale energy procurement Forecasts on a global scale: Stop merging different regional models such as the American or European model and rely on one global weather model for all your use cases Extreme high accuracy: Introducing prediction accuracy that makes forecasts feel like measurements. Jua’s model has better accuracy for 48 hours into the future than leading numerical models for 12 hours. High-precision: Based on its 1 km2 spatial resolution, the Jua model empowers you with high-precision forecasts – e.g. for regions with microclimates. High-frequency temporal resolution: Predicting weather on a five minutes temporal resolution, so you know when the weather changes. That’s up to 12x more frequently than a forecast based on a leading numerical model.