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Jason AI Features Introducing Jason AI, a sophisticated conversational AI tool specifically designed to enhance B2B sales processes. It’s more than a tool – it’s a personal assistant to your sales team. Jason AI streamlines the engagement cycle by taking charge of the entire outreach process, freeing your team to focus on more complex tasks. Key Features: Automated Outreach: Automates outreach sequences, handles responses from prospects, and books meetings. Targeted Prospecting: Applies filters to target the most suitable prospects and establishes contact via personalized emails, follow-ups, and social media touchpoints. Smart Channel Selection: Suggests the most effective channels to communicate your message. Automated Responses: Capable of learning about your company and offerings to autonomously respond to basic customer inquiries. Lead Conversation Management: Handles conversations with leads and offers counter-proposals to ‘Not Interested’ responses. It can also forward requests to the appropriate contact and reschedule or cancel meetings as necessary. Meeting Scheduling: Once a meeting has been requested, Jason AI can suggest a suitable time and date and book it directly into the team’s calendar. Use Cases: Streamline the B2B sales process by automating outreach and meeting booking. Improve prospect targeting and engagement with personalized communication. Handle customer inquiries quickly and accurately. Seamlessly manage lead interactions, even handling objections and rejections. Jason AI is a dynamic tool that becomes more adept at handling a variety of conversations as it learns and refines its approach. It’s not just an AI tool; it’s your sales team’s new best friend.