Feedback AI

Text feedback and idea prompts for writers.

Accesso a Feedback AI (Freemium)

Feedback AI Features Feedback by AI is a tool that utilizes the OpenAI API to provide users with feedback on their writing or communication style. Users can sign up for free, enter their OpenAI API key, submit their writing, and receive personalized feedback. Caratteristiche principali: OpenAI API Integration: Feedback by AI leverages the power of the OpenAI API to provide users with valuable feedback on their writing or communication style. Unlimited Character Submissions: Users can submit unlimited characters of text to receive feedback on their writing. Character Descriptions: Users can choose from a selection of character descriptions that represent different types of people, helping tailor the feedback to their target audience. Bookmark Feature: The tool offers a bookmark feature to help users keep track of their submissions and easily refer back to them in the future. Casi d'uso: Professionals seeking feedback on their business writing, such as emails, reports, or proposals. Students looking to improve their academic writing skills and receive guidance on their essays or assignments. Creative writers who want to refine their storytelling techniques and receive feedback on their manuscripts or drafts. Individuals who want to enhance their overall communication skills and receive guidance on public speaking or presentations. Feedback by AI provides a valuable resource for individuals striving to improve their writing and communication abilities.