IntelliMail is a chrome extension that generates your emails – so you’ll never have to write one again.

Access to IntelliMail (Free)

IntelliMail Features Intellimail is a free personal email assistant that helps users save time and increase productivity when writing emails. Key features and advantages include: Automated email generation: Generate perfectly crafted emails in seconds, eliminating the need to waste time manually writing emails. Increased productivity: Save time and increase productivity by streamlining the email writing process. Personalization: Customize emails with personalized greetings, sign-offs, and more. Grammar and spelling checks: Ensure professional and error-free emails with built-in grammar and spelling checks. Use cases for Intellimail involve various email-related activities: Quickly craft professional emails for work or personal use. Streamline email communication with clients or customers. Save time and increase productivity by automating the email writing process. With Intellimail, users can enjoy a free personal email assistant that helps them write professional and error-free emails in seconds.