Interact with your Database and Create Analytics

Access to InsightBase (Freemium)

InsightBase Features Chat with your Database Using AI Ask questions in natural language and get answers in seconds. No more SQL queries, no more data science. Just ask. Grow your business In a fast world full of data, gain valuable insights from your data to make better decisions and improve your business. Powerful dashboards Build beautiful, interactive dashboards that are easy to use and share. Auto-Refresh: Dashboards automatically refresh to keep you up to date. No code required: Create dashboards without writing a single line of code. 5 minute configuration: Connect to your database and start asking questions in seconds. How it works Connect your database: No code required. Use the credentials provided to connect to your database. Ask a question: Ask a question about your data and get an answer in seconds. You don’t need to know SQL or any other programming language. See the results: Depending on the question, you’ll get a table, chart, etc. Share the results with your team: Build dashboards with widgets that show the results of your questions, and share them with your team. Use Cases : Simplify data access: Ask natural language queries to access data in seconds, without SQL or data science expertise. Gain business insights: AI analysis of large volumes of data leads to better decision-making and improved outcomes. Interactive dashboards: Create and share easy-to-use dashboards with up-to-date data in just five minutes without writing any code.