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Img Upscaler Features ImgUpscaler is a free AI-powered image upscaling tool designed to enhance image resolution and quality effortlessly. Key features and advantages include: AI-driven upscaling: Increase image resolution up to 400% and 16000×16000 pixels using AI and Super-Resolution technology Batch processing: Supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG formats, and allows upscaling multiple images at once Optimized for Anime and Cartoon: Produces better results than other tools like ImgLarger and Waifu2x Mobile app: AI Enlarger app available for on-the-go image upscaling Privacy protection: Automatically clears uploaded photos within 24 hours Use cases for ImgUpscaler cater to various users: Professional photographers seeking to enhance image quality and resolution Casual users looking for an easy-to-use tool to improve their images Anime and cartoon enthusiasts wanting to upscale their favorite visuals with optimized results Overall, ImgUpscaler offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for anyone looking to quickly improve their image quality and resolution.