I18ncore is an I18n management tool which allows you to quickly and easily edit, create and manage your applications content

Access to I18ncore (Paid)

I18ncore Features I18ncore is a localisation management tool designed to simplify the process of managing internationalization (i18n) for websites, apps, or products. It offers a user-friendly interface and efficient features for editing, creating, and managing application content across different languages. Key Features: Project management for multiple projects Translation synchronization with GitHub AI-assisted translations Support for various file types (JSON, YAML, CSV, etc.) Unlimited keys and projects Pull request management Email support Custom packages available Use Cases: Web developers and app developers managing i18n for their applications Localization managers handling translation workflows for websites or products Teams working on international projects requiring efficient localization management Businesses and organizations expanding their reach to global markets I18ncore is a valuable tool for simplifying and optimizing the localisation management process.