Hush AI

Executive and entrepreneur protection service.

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Hush AI Features Hush AI is a comprehensive digital protection tool that safeguards entrepreneurs and executives from digital threats to their assets, reputation, and family. It scans the internet for exposed information, performs facial recognition to locate exposed photos and phone numbers, and provides intelligent alerts and smart resolution for high-risk vulnerabilities. Key Features: Comprehensive Digital Protection: Safeguard assets, reputation, and family from digital threats. Continuous Monitoring: Scan millions of websites and perform frequent searches across the internet for exposed information. Facial Recognition: Locate exposed photos for identification and potential misuse. Phone Number Monitoring: Identify exposed phone numbers that may pose security risks. 24/7 AI Protection: Utilize a powerful AI system to provide continuous monitoring and alerts. Intelligent Alerts: Receive notifications for high-risk situations requiring attention. Smart Resolution: Take immediate action to mitigate identified vulnerabilities with one click. Multiple Protection Plans: Offer individual, family, premium, and executive plans with varying features and pricing. Executive Plan Features: Dedicated privacy concierge, business brand monitoring, coverage for up to 10 employees. Use Cases: Entrepreneurs and Executives: Protect digital assets, reputation, and family from online threats. High-Profile Individuals: Ensure privacy and security in the digital realm. Business Owners: Safeguard sensitive business information and brand reputation. Families: Protect personal information and ensure the online safety of family members. Hush AI provides entrepreneurs and executives with a comprehensive digital protection solution.