AI-powered job ads reach millions of job seekers quickly and easily.

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HireYaY Features HireYaY is a hiring platform designed specifically for startups, offering AI-powered tools to streamline the recruitment process. Key features and advantages include: AI-guided job descriptions: Craft engaging job ads to attract top talent with suggested skills, responsibilities, and qualifications One-click distribution: Reach millions of job seekers with ease Salary insights: Access data on location and industry-specific salary expectations Standardized candidate profiles: Easily review skills, qualifications, and employment history Automation: Connect to over 4000 applications via Zapier and Make Use cases for HireYaY are ideal for various startup needs: Startups seeking to attract top talent with engaging job ads Hiring managers looking to streamline the recruitment process with AI-powered tools HR professionals aiming to access salary insights and standardize candidate profiles Overall, HireYaY offers a user-friendly and efficient solution for startups looking to optimize their hiring process.