AI-driven tool for recording, transcribing, and searching conversations on Android devices, providing secure cloud storage and easy access to audio files.

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Heark.app Features Heark is an advanced AI-driven tool designed for Android devices, enabling users to record conversations or events and seamlessly transcribe them into searchable text. With unlimited audio file storage in secure private cloud storage, Heark acts as a reliable long-term memory extension. Key Features: Recording and Transcription: Enables recording of conversations and events, and converts audio to text using AI transcription. Secure Cloud Storage: Offers unlimited storage for audio files in a secure private cloud storage. Searchable Transcriptions: Allows easy search and retrieval of information within transcriptions by keyword and date range. Flexible Audio Management: Provides options to replay, download, or delete audio files within the app. Newsletter Subscription: Offers a newsletter for subscribers to receive updates on new features and news. Use Cases: Memory Extension: Use Heark as a second long-term memory to record and store important conversations or events. Efficient Information Retrieval: Easily search and find specific information within transcriptions using keywords and date ranges. Convenient Audio Management: Replay, download, or delete audio files as needed for personal or professional purposes. Heark is an invaluable tool for Android users looking to capture and retain important information from conversations.