HeardThat gives you more speech, less noise.

Access to HeardThat (Freemium)

HeardThat Features HeardThat™ is an AI-powered smartphone app that enhances speech in noisy environments for individuals with hearing difficulties. It uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to separate and eliminate background noise, leaving clear and easy-to-follow speech. Key Features: AI-Powered Noise Reduction: HeardThat™ uses AI algorithms to separate and eliminate background noise, enhancing speech clarity. Compatible with Existing Hearing Aids or Earphones: The app works with users’ existing hearing aids or earphones, eliminating the need for additional devices. Speech Enhancement: HeardThat™ focuses on enhancing speech signals, making conversations in noisy environments easier to understand. Convenient and Cost-Effective Solution: By utilizing smartphones and existing hearing devices, HeardThat™ offers a convenient and affordable solution for individuals with hearing difficulties. Versatile Usage: The app can be used in various settings, including conversations with others and while watching TV. Improved Listening Experience: HeardThat™ aims to provide a clearer and more comprehensible listening experience by reducing background noise and enhancing speech intelligibility. Use Cases: Individuals with hearing difficulties who want to improve their speech understanding in noisy environments. People using hearing aids or earphones who seek enhanced speech clarity without the need for additional devices. Individuals who want to enjoy clearer dialogue while watching TV or engaging in conversations in challenging listening situations. Those looking for a cost-effective and convenient solution to address their hearing difficulties without purchasing new hearing devices. HeardThat™ empowers individuals with hearing difficulties to engage more effectively in various social and communication settings.