Search personal media with natural language & face recognition

Access to Hachi (Freemium)

Hachi Features Hachi, developed by Raman Labs, is an AI-powered tool that brings a new level of convenience and efficiency to searching personal videos and images. With its natural language interface, users can effortlessly search for information across their media collections, saving time and making it easier to find specific moments, objects, or individuals. Key Features: Natural Language Interface: Search personal videos and images using natural language queries. Video Search: Search for scenes, objects, and persons within videos via text queries while playing the footage. Image Search: Find desired photos and inspiration by searching through image collections using text queries. Face Recognition: Tag and search for specific individuals across all images for personalized collections. Privacy-Focused: Works offline with locally stored indexes, ensuring a fully private search experience. System Requirements: Requires a quad-core CPU with AVX2 instructions and at least 4GB RAM, supporting only X86_64 architectures. Use Cases: Search for specific scenes, objects, or persons within personal videos. Find desired photos and seek inspiration from image collections. Tag and search for oneself or loved ones across all images. Organize and retrieve visual information efficiently and privately. Hachi, developed by Raman Labs, is a powerful AI tool that enhances the search experience for personal videos and images.