Guided is an AI-powered tool that creates personalized guided meditations based on users’ preferences and needs, offering a customized and tailored meditation experience.

Access to (Free Trial) Features Guided is an innovative AI-powered tool that empowers users to create personalized guided meditations to support their meditation practice. With Guided, users have the flexibility to customize the duration of their meditation sessions and select their preferred voice to guide them through the practice. Key Features: Customized Guided Meditations: Create personalized guided meditations based on duration and preferred voice. Wide Range of Topics: Choose from various meditation topics such as stress relief, happiness, and overcoming challenges. Tailored Meditation Experience: Develop unique meditations aligned with individual goals and needs. AI-Powered Personalization: Experience unique and personalized meditation sessions generated by AI technology. Sample Meditations: Access sample guided meditations to explore different styles and voices. Free Trial: Try Guided’s features and benefits with a free trial. Accessible via Website and Mobile App: Use Guided on multiple platforms for convenience and flexibility. Global Availability: Access Guided’s services and features from anywhere in the world. Use Cases: Stress Relief: Find calmness and relaxation through guided meditations specifically designed to reduce stress. Happiness and Wellbeing: Foster a positive mindset and improve overall wellbeing with guided meditations focused on happiness. Overcoming Challenges: Address specific challenges such as burnout and impostor syndrome through targeted meditation sessions. Customized Meditation Practice: Tailor meditation experiences to personal goals and preferences. Mindfulness Development: Cultivate mindfulness and enhance focus through personalized guided meditations. In summary, Guided is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create personalized guided meditations aligned with their preferences and needs.