GorillaTerminal AI

AI powered bloomberg terminal alternative

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GorillaTerminal AI Features Gorilla Terminal is an AI-driven platform designed to assist professional traders, portfolio managers, and serious investors with efficient and accurate investment research. Key features and advantages include: Comprehensive research tools: Macro-economic data, industry analysis, supply chain analysis, regression analysis, value at risk analysis, and more Intuitive interface: Easy access to features and information for quick and efficient research AI-driven sentiment analysis: Analyze earnings calls, deep dive into questions, and review revenue growth and margin statements Use cases for Gorilla Terminal cater to various financial professionals: Professional traders seeking comprehensive research tools for informed decision-making Portfolio managers looking to efficiently analyze investments and manage risk Serious investors aiming to access advanced research capabilities for improved investment outcomes Overall, Gorilla Terminal offers a powerful and user-friendly platform for investment research and analysis, helping users invest with confidence and speed.