AI-powered tool and virtual assistant for easy interior design project management.

Access to (Free Trial) Features Goodhues is an innovative AI-powered tool and virtual assistant designed to simplify the process of designing, visualizing, and managing interior design projects. Key Features: AI-driven design: Generate interior design concepts and ideas with the power of AI. Virtual assistant: Get assistance with various aspects of your project, from idea generation to project management. Design visualization: Preview and visualize your design ideas in realistic 3D renderings. Project management: Stay organized and on track with your project using Goodhues’ management tools. Use Cases: • Interior designers: Streamline your design process and collaborate with clients more effectively. • Homeowners: Easily visualize and plan your home renovation projects. • Real estate professionals: Enhance property listings with stunning interior design visuals. • Students and DIY enthusiasts: Learn more about interior design and experiment with different concepts. Goodhues is an AI-powered tool and virtual assistant that makes interior design projects a breeze.