Info sharing platform for teams.

Access to GoLinks (Freemium)

GoLinks Features GoLinks is a link management platform designed for teams, enabling quick and easy access to shared information through memorable and secure short links called go/links. It improves productivity by streamlining information retrieval and offers a range of features, analytics, and integrations. Key Features: Memorable and Secure Short Links: Create go/links that are both easy to remember and secure for quick access to shared information. Improved Productivity: Streamline information retrieval and reduce steps required to find essential data, enhancing team productivity. Customizable Short Links: Personalize short links with keywords for better recall and efficient information access. Dashboard for Link Access Management: User-friendly dashboard to manage and control access to links within the team. Workspace Analytics: Gain insights into team activity and link usage through comprehensive workspace analytics. Integrations with Workplace Apps: Seamlessly integrate with existing workplace apps for enhanced efficiency and collaboration. AI-Powered Search Recommendations: Leverage GPTAI-powered search recommendations for faster and more effective information retrieval. Use Cases: • Streamlined Information Access: Enable teams to quickly access shared information using memorable and secure short links. • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Simplify information sharing within teams, improving collaboration and productivity. • Efficient Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing workplace apps, optimizing workflows and reducing friction. • Insights and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into team activity and link usage through workspace analytics. GoLinks empowers teams with a robust link management platform that simplifies information access and enhances productivity.