Git18n is a powerful AI-powered copywriting and translation tool designed to enhance app development workflows

Access to Git18n (Paid)

Git18n Features Git18n is an innovative solution that empowers copywriters, translators, and developers to streamline the copywriting and translation process in app development. With its AI-powered capabilities, Git18n revolutionizes how teams collaborate and manage copywriting and translations within their Github repositories. Key Features: AI-Powered Copywriting: Git18n utilizes AI to generate high-quality copywriting and translations, saving time and effort for copywriters and translators. Seamless Github Integration: The tool seamlessly integrates with Github repositories, enabling real-time collaboration and version control. Flexible Translation Management: Git18n provides a flexible system for managing translations across multiple languages. Grammar and Spelling Correction: The AI-generated texts help identify and correct grammar and spelling mistakes in translations. Transparent Pricing: Git18n offers three pricing plans without hidden fees, user limits, or translation key restrictions. Use Cases: App development teams seeking to streamline the copywriting and translation process. Copywriters and translators looking for an efficient way to contribute their expertise to app development projects. Engineering managers and DevOps professionals aiming to enhance collaboration between different teams involved in app development. Multilingual app development projects requiring effective translation management. Organizations looking to improve the quality and speed of copywriting and translations in their app development workflows. Git18n empowers app development teams to optimize their copywriting and translation processes with the power of AI.