Automates email writing with AI, so you can focus on what matters.

Access to Ghostwrite (Freemium)

Ghostwrite Features GhostWrite is an AI-driven email writing assistant extension for Chrome, powered by ChatGPT. Key features and advantages include: AI-powered automation: Compose and reply to emails quickly and efficiently Personalized writing: Generate professional emails in your own tone Grammar and spelling correction: Ensure polished and error-free communication Email templates: Save and reuse AI-generated templates for future use One-click drafting: Automatically draft full-length replies with ease Use cases for GhostWrite are ideal for various professionals: Business professionals seeking to improve email efficiency and productivity Freelancers and entrepreneurs aiming to maintain a polished and personalized communication style Individuals looking to save time and effort when composing emails Overall, GhostWrite offers a comprehensive suite of AI email tools that streamline the writing process, making email communication easier and more efficient.