GenText AI Assistant for MS Word

GenText is an AI Assistant developed to help stduents and professionals write reports in Word

Access to GenText AI Assistant for MS Word (Freemium)

GenText AI Assistant for MS Word Features AI-powered MS Word Add-in that helps business professionals generate accurate and professional reports quickly. Our add-in seamlessly integrates with MS Word and uses advanced AI technology that has been fine-tuned specifically for business use. Using the product within MS Word will streamline your report-writing process and enable you to focus your valuable time on analysis. GenText is tailored for business professionals who need to create professional and polished documents for their clients, partners, and stakeholders. This includes people in roles such as management consultants, accountants, investment bankers, and other professionals who need to produce high-quality reports, presentations, and other documents. Many professionals spend hours re-reading, revising, and editing their work to ensure that it is accurate and compelling. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially when they have tight deadlines and must produce high-quality work. GenText uses AI to streamline the document creation process, increase productivity, and improve the quality of work produced by management consultants and finance professionals.