Get ready-to-use answers from all your knowledge, and quit manual organization for good.

Access to Gems (Free)

Gems Features The AI Knowledge Assistant by Gems is a comprehensive tool designed to help individuals and teams organize and access their collective knowledge effortlessly. Key features and advantages include: Instant answers: Get ready-to-use answers instantly from all knowledge sources without manual organization Centralized access: Connect all knowledge sources in seconds and get centralized, organized access to all information without any manual effort Verification: Verify information easily with sources provided for any answer Seamless sharing: Post Gems seamlessly in shared spaces, allowing teams to share knowledge with zero friction Self-organizing: The knowledge base, powered by AI, is self-organizing as users keep adding more content Trusted solution: With over 20,000 users, Your AI Knowledge Assistant is trusted by industry leaders such as Credit Suisse, Bain And Company, McKinsey and Company, Gartner, Harvard University, Morgan Stanley, and The New York Times. Use cases for Gems AI Knowledge Assistant involve simplifying knowledge management by providing a streamlined platform where users can easily search for and retrieve information, allowing them to be more productive and efficient. This tool is available on desktop and mobile and can be used by individuals, teams, or organizations.