The world’s first Scottish artificial intelligence chatbot!

Access to GasgowGPT (Free)

GasgowGPT Features GlasgowGPT is a distinctive chatbot with a Scottish identity, offering a unique conversational experience on a range of topics. This AI-powered tool is designed to engage users in casual and informal conversations about politics, news, everyday life, and more. Key Features: Multilingual capabilities: Enables conversations in several languages, ensuring broad accessibility. Humorous & informal style: Offers a relaxed, entertaining conversational experience. Personalized interactions: Utilizes user data for a more tailored conversation and personalized ads. Privacy policy: Easily accessible and allows users to manage settings and withdraw consent. Use Cases: Engage in relaxed, humorous conversations: Interact with the AI’s Scottish persona on various topics for entertainment. Access in multiple languages: Communicate in your preferred language for a more personalized experience. Enjoy a casual, informal environment: Use the tool as a break from serious, formal conversations. Despite its amusing and entertaining nature, GlasgowGPT is a non-profit art project that depends on donations to cover running costs.