Turn your favorite GPT prompts into AI tools for your end users.

Access to FormWise.AI (Freemium)

FormWise.AI Features Deploy custom GPT apps with no code. Design AI tools, forms, & widgets for your end users. SEO Onboarding Form: Build an onboarding form with keyword research fields, and copy generation, and let GPT do the SEO heavy lifting for your team. Digital Marketing Planner: Create marketer-friendly prompts and let your end users fill out their business details. Generate copy, suggestions, emails, and more with one form. Q&A Generator: Copy and paste your knowledge base or FAQs in the backend prompt and wow your customer experience with direct answers to their questions. Snapshot Copy Generator: Let FormWise do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating industry-specific snapshot copy for your HighLevel builds. Embed our forms in your onboarding process. No more back and forth with ChatGPT (we use the same engine, only more to the point!) Programming Code Debug Generator: Tap into GPT and give it specific instructions on the backend to debug or create new code in any programming language. Use this as your internal tool or for your clients. Industry-Specific Content Generator: Need content, copy, emails, etc generating for a unique use case or industry? Easily build forms and content generators with FormWise and customize the backend prompts to match the unique needs of your industry. Ingredient Recipe Generator: Build a content generator that builds meal plans, fitness routines, or even recipes with ingredients you give it. Get granular and ask your prompts to respect your dietary needs or restrictions. Language Translator: Build a language translator. Similar to Google Translate but you can embed this anywhere. Get creative and give prompt instructions on what to do after it translates your text. You can email or integrate responses anywhere. AI Travel Advisor: Plan your next trip with detailed itineraries based on your interests, trip length, budget, and much more. Recommend vendors for your clients or let AI do the end-to-end trip planning.