AI learning tool that creates a flashcard deck from any given text

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FlashcardX Features FlashcardX is an AI learning tool designed to build a flashcard deck for any given text. Key Features: AI-Powered Flashcard Creation: Generate flashcard decks automatically from any given text using advanced AI algorithms. Customisable Decks: Tailor your flashcard decks to suit your learning preferences and specific study needs. Adaptive Learning: FlashcardX adjusts to your learning pace, ensuring efficient and effective retention of information. Use Cases: Study Aid: Improve retention and understanding of complex concepts, terms, or subjects by using FlashcardX as a supplemental study tool. Exam Preparation: Boost your test scores by utilising FlashcardX for targeted and efficient revision of course material. Language Learning: Enhance your language acquisition process by creating custom flashcard decks for vocabulary, grammar, and idiomatic expressions.